Manuel Alberto Díaz-Blanco

Alberto Díaz-Blanco a professor of Hispanic Philology and an avid connoisseur of the liturgy and of Gregorian chant recordings (he owns the second largest collection of Gregorian chant recordings in the world). Member of the executive committee of AISCGre, Spanish section. He teaches Gregorian chant in the summer courses of the Benedictine abbey of Santa Cruz, near Madrid. He collaborates with Father Jerome F. Weber and his website in the compilation of Gregorian chant recordings.

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Dominique Crochu

Dominique Crochu is a medievalist, fellow liturgical connoisseur and co-director of the Musique Médiévale network. He began working with monks of Solesmes in 1980, where he learnt semiology at the musical Paleography workshop. He soon specialised in not yet published Old Font Gregorian repertory, especially the Office of Matins, for which, after the French Revolution, the habit was taken to recite instead of sing. His research allowed a decisive advance concerning the very delicate problem of the interpretation of B flat in Gregorian chant. He has collaborated, since 2005, with Dominique Gatté. Together, they have listed more than 8000 manuscripts and printed sources from the fifth to the eighteenth century. He also worked with Alberto Diaz-Blanco to digitalise and restore more than one thousand Gregorian vinylic, shellac and magnetic supports.

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Dominique Gatté

Dominique Gatté specialised in Digital Humanities linked to medieval musicology. He completed his university studies in Strasbourg and holds a bachelor’s degree in theology and a master’s degree in interdisciplinary medieval studies. His research activities mainly focus on musical Paleography between the 9th and 12th centuries. In 2007 he co-created, with Dominique Crochu, the siteGregofacsimil and he manages and administrates the network “Musicologie Médiévale”, which he created in 2009. In 2016, he created the MMMO Database (Medieval Music Manuscripts Online Database).
Dominique Gatté collaborates on many websites such as DIAMM (Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music, Oxford Faculty of Music); the “Gregorian Directory” of the Belgian Gregorian Chant Academy; the MUSICOMED – Labex Resmed – UMR IReMUS project (Paris-Sorbonne University); moreover, he is a very active contributor of the Cantus-Index web-site.

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Fabio Cardone
audio technician

Fabio is a sound engineer at Studio Odradek “The Spheres”, in Pescara, Italy.

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John Anderson

John Anderson is a classical pianist with two performance degrees from the Accademia Musicale Pescarese and a degree in musicology from the University of Oxford. He is the founder and general manager of Odradek Records, of, the white-label marketing and distribution service, and the inventor of the democratic blind evaluation platform He is owner of Studio Odradek (in Italy), and manager of Ashlar LC, a Kansas property management firm dedicated to historical preservation and “adaptive reuse”. He co-authored the Repertorium project proposal, which was funded by the European Commission’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation program under grant agreement number 101095065.

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Brand New Box

Brand New Box is a digital product studio that builds new tools and platforms, and has been creating new superpowers for teams since 2006. Today, the team heads their operations in Lawrence, Kansas and manages dozens of applications for clients across the world. For more information about the digital products they build, visit

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Alicia Gutiérrez Vega
marketing manager

As a Marketing and Business Development Consultant, she has held positions of responsibility at Discovery Communications, Campofrío Food Group, Ubisoft, Unilever and Coca-Cola, among other companies. She has led the launch of the start-up Beatik and collaborates as Head of Business Development at the digital marketing services provider Flat 101.

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Enrique Valverde
operations manager

Enrique Valverde is since September 2017 the General Manager of Odradek Records. A music consultant specialized in classical music, he has worked for the Spanish Centro Nacional de Difusión Musical (CNDM), the most important music promoter in Spain. He is also founder and director of ExpoClásica, the first Classical Music expo in Spain, and has worked for Universal Music Spain, Caja Madrid Foundation and several other music foundations, agencies and orchestras.

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Joanna Wyld

Joanna Wyld read Music at New College, Oxford, where she was an Instrumental Scholar. She was listed as one of the Women of Distinction in 25 Years of Women at New College, and was the joint winner of the Oxford University Sinfonia Composition Competition. Joanna achieved a Masters degree (MMus) from King’s College, London and studied flute at the Royal Academy of Music. Joanna has written notes for numerous artists including the BBC Orchestras, RPO, RLPO, LSO, Hallé, Barbara Bonney, Nicola Benedetti, and the Labèque sisters. Joanna won the 2014 OUP spoof Grove Dictionary article competition, also winning the second and third runner-up places.

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Andie Chantzi
team manager

Andie (Antonia) Chantzi has a linguistic and cultural formation, including BAs in French Studies (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), in Hispanic Studies (Hellenic Open University), and an MSc from the Queen Margaret University Edinburgh, in Cultural Management & Policy. She is currently Project Manager at Odradek Records, Team Manager at Neumz (Odratek) and Communications Officer at the REPERTORIUM project (Horizon Europe – Research and Innovation programme).

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Tommaso Tuzj
photo, video, and web

Tommaso Tuzj is the Creative Director as well as primary photographer/videomaker for the Hamburg-based marketing consultancy company “ – The Visual Storytelling Company”. With a background in television, Tommaso Tuzj decided to dedicate himself to photography, opening Hoshi Studio in 2009 and working as Odradek’s primary photographer since Odradek’s opening in 2012. He brings with him his passion for photography and cinematography, with a constant search for new points of view. Alto Riot calls Odradek “a leader in visual identity… The genre as a whole can learn a lot from the art direction of Odradek Records. Their album art brings a sense of naturalness to their artist roster and, in a sense, a greater respect for their music and the listener.” Tommaso Tuzj was born in Italy, studied in Rome, lives in Pescara. He found his way when he was 20, and it was when he got his first camera that he started to be himself. From that day onwards, he never stopped taking photos.

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Giampaolo de Pietro
Translator: Italian

Giampaolo De Pietro was born in Catania in 1978. He writes and he photographs in verse. He has published several books of poetry, including Tre righe di sole (Salarchi Immagini, 2008), La foglia è due metà (Buonesiepi Libri, 2012), Abbonato al programma delle nuvole (L’arcolaio, 2013), Se i fantasmi vengono dalle statue (with drawings by Rossana Taormina – Collana Isola, 2015); Dal cane corallo (with drawings by Francesco Balsamo, Arcipelago itaca 2019); and the anthology Debbo togliermi il vizio (FUOCOfuochino, 2018). His verses have been translated in Slovenian, French, English, German, and Portuguese. He is cofounder and editor ofincerti editori,a publisher of poetry books and drawings, created together with Francesco Balsamo in 2010.

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Martina Cocci

Martina Cocci, musicologist and archivist, specialized in Cremona at the University of Pavia. She furthered her studies on Gregorian chant at courses provided by the Italian section of AISCGre, attaining a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Gregorian Chant at Lugano Conservatory.

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Hélène Derieux
Translator: German

Hélène studied philosophy, management, and theology in Paris (La Sorbonne), London (City University), Berlin (ESCP Europe), and Vienna (Universität Wien), and holds three master’s degrees. After having spent several years at a convent where she gained an intimate knowledge of liturgy, she went on studying musicology at La Sorbonne where she is currently finishing an M. A., and specializing in medieval liturgical music. Her musical background involves lyrical singing (Conservatoire de Levallois-Perret), Gregorian chant (Diploma in Gregorian chant from the École du Chœur Grégorien de Paris obtained summa cum laude; Brigitte Lesne’s class of plain-chant interpretation at La Sorbonne), traditional Breton music, choir direction, and organ playing with a keen interest in improvisation. She is currently based in Paris where she is the choir director of the Gregorian schola of Saint-Pierre-de-Montmartre, as well as a singer and a church cantor. She also works as a freelance consultant, translator, and interpreter.

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Raúl Orlando Arreguin Rosales

Raúl Orlando Arreguin Rosales was a professor and the assistant choir director at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music, as well as a cantor and the archivist for the Cappella Giulia at St. Peter’s Basilica since 2008. The Cappella Giulia sings for all solemn functions of the Vatican, such as Holy Mass, Lauds, and Vespers, when these are not celebrated by the Pope (when instead the Sistine Chapel Choir sings). Before this, he served as an academic professor and the choirmaster for the Celaya Conservatory of Music in Mexico. He studied piano at the Conservatory of Celaya and choir direction at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music and is the founder of the Schola Cantorum Nova Hispania. Raúl is in charge of the English translations for Neumz.

Vicente Urones Sánchez
Translator: Spanish

Vicente Urones Sánchez. Has a degree in Musicology and a master’s degree in Hispanic Music. He is currently studying organ and doing his doctoral thesis at the University of Salamanca. He studied Gregorian chant in Spain and Italy and is the caput schola of the SholaCantorum de Zamora.

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Sofia Uspenskaia
Translator: German

Sofia has a BA in classical studies (Moscow State University), studied languages in a Master’s program titled “European political and culture studies” (RANEPA, Moscow), and contributed to a project that prepared a new edition of Aristophanes with commentary. Her fields of special interest are translation from Latin, Latin and German poetry, poetics, narratology and narratological analysis of poetry.

Father Miguel A. Trinidad Fonseca
Translator: Spanish

Father Miguel is a Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of San Juan of Puerto Rico. He is highly skilled in liturgy, theology, music composition, instrumental and choral arrangement, guitar playing, gregorian chant and musical teaching.

Andrew Hinkley

Andrew is a digitising and typesetting enthusiast from New Zealand with a degree in mathematics. He has transcribed several volumes of Chant and made it available through GregoBase. He began typesetting in Gregorio in 2008 in an effort to use technology to make Sacred Music more widely available and assist in the development of online Liturgical resources. Andrew joined the Neumz team in 2021 and is currently working on adding the St. Gall neumes to the scores.


Without these people Neumz would not be possible:

Élie Roux, for inventing the LaTeX script GABC and the Gregorio Project

Andrew Hinkley, for typesetting thousands of chants, including most of the Graduale Romanum and Liber Usualis in GABC format

Benjamin Bloomfield, for developing various Gregorio Tools

Father Matthew Spencer for developing the ExSurge font

Olivier Berten, for maintaining GregoBase

The community behind the Caecilia Project

The late Laszlo Kiss and the Divinum Officium Project team, for granting us permission to use their translations.

The Solesmes Abbey for reviving and making accessible that repertoire.


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Neumz is a collaboration between the Abbey of Jouques and ODRATEK BV, a division of Odradek Records, LLC. For messages that you would like to direct to the Sisters, please use this form.

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