Playback is controlled using the player along the bottom of the screen.

– jump backwards one Chant
– Play
– jump forward one Chant

The progress bar in the transport shows your point in the Chant, and clicking or dragging on it will allow you to jump around inside the Chant.
Score The score for the selected Chant is displayed using square-note notation. As the audio plays, the score will automatically scroll to track the recording. In settings, you may select to optionally display the St Gall or Laon style ancient neumatic (semiographic) notation.

Latin Text The Latin text can be followed either above in the score itself or by itself in this window. The current line of text is highlighted in red, and tracks as the recording progresses.

Translated Text The translation of the Latin text is made line by line, facing page across from the Latin. You can adjust the language of this window in Settings. Also this text tracks the recording progress line by line.

Favourite a chant Click on the heart icon in the top right corner of the screen to save a chant to your favorites list.
Change Day Navigate day by day using the normal solar calendar Navigation is limited to our Patrons, free users may listen to all of the chants in “Radio” mode. In Radio mode, Neumz broadcasts the chants which are scheduled for your current hour and day. Upgrade and become a Patron to enable play on demand, and listen to Matins after lunch or Christmas in July!

Change Office Underneath the calendar you will find a list of the day’s Offices. Clicking on an Office will unfurl the list of Chants belonging to that service. When you find the chant you desire, clicking on it will load it in the main window for playback.

Change Ordo Under Settings, you can change the rite you want to listen to. Choose between Vetus Ordo and Novus Ordo by selecting “Preferred Order”.

Pro Search Pro search is limited to our Patrons. Search by chant Latin title, chant contained Latin text, Liturgical Day, and Cantus ID. Filter results by chant type. Browse through the Alphabetical Table of Chants, grouped by chant type. Note that the search tab will search within the currently selected Order set in Settings. To search within the other rite, it is necessary to first change Preferred Order.
Here you can control your account, and upgrade to Patron to access Play on Demand.

Sign in to your account using the email address with which you registered and the password you selected if you already registered online at If you purchased a Patron subscription, it will automatically be imported to your mobile device.

If you do not already have an account with Neumz, select signup, provide a valid email address, and select a password. Select your email mailing list preferences, and click “Join”. A validation email will be sent to your email address. Click on the link to activate your account. You may now use Neumz in the free “Radio” mode. For play-on-demand and other premium features, please consider becoming a Patron by purchasing a subscription.

Update your email address Insert the new email address you would like to be associated with your account, and click “Update”. Update your password Insert the new password, and click “Update”.

Become a Patron Click the button “Become a Patron”. You have the option of purchasing a monthly subscription or saving by purchasing an annual subscription.

On our website, we securely process payments via Stripe. If purchasing via the App itself, payments will be handled natively using your App Store’s payment options. In either case, Neumz does not collect credit card information.

When purchasing via Stripe, you will receive an email receipt.

If you previously purchased a subscription on, by logging into the App with the same credentials, your subscription will be automatically imported and all premium features unlocked.

If you previously purchased a subscription via the Apple Store and you changed device or wish to activate it on a second device, click “Restore Purchases” and sign in using the same Apple Store account.

Cancel your subscription If you purchased a subscription through the App Store of your mobile device, it will be necessary to deactivate the subscription by following the guidelines of your store.

For Apple please followthese steps
For Google, please follow these steps

If you purchased a subscription through our website, please return to the website, navigate to your user account, scroll down to the bottom of the section, and click “Cancel my subscription”. Click “Confirm” to continue. Your subscription now will not automatically renew, but you will be able to use the premium features up until the end of the current billing cycle.

Delete your account Scroll down to the bottom of your user account page, and click “Delete my account”. Click “Confirm” to continue. Your account will be deleted, any current subscription will be deactivated, and your personal data will be deleted from our storage system. You will be automatically removed from our mailing list.
In Applications settings you can change language, toggle your default rite and color theme, toggle Bell notifications, check and control which chants are downloaded to your device’s local memory, and toggle Autoplay and Offline mode settings.

Toggle on and off notifications for the next service. The first time you enable notifications you will need to grant permission. Learn how to do this on

Chrome: enable notifications
Safari: enable notifications
Windows Explorer: enable notifications
iOS: enable notifications
Android: enable notifications

Toggle Dark or Light mode Toggle your default theme. Night mode inverts the screen to black with white writing, to be less distracting or tiring on the eyes.

Select your preferred language Select from available languages. The App will now provide translations of the Chants into this language.

Downloaded to Device Click to see a list of Liturgical Days downloaded to your device. Click the red trashcan next to any chant to delete it, or tap Delete all downloaded content to free up your device’s internal storage. You may always stream or download the chants again in the future.

Your downloads are available only with an active subscription. If your subscription expires, downloaded Chants will not be playable.

Autoplay Play non-stop. When one chant ends, the next one begins.

Quality Free accounts are limited to streaming in normal, compressed quality. Our Patrons may choose to toggle on streaming in HiFi (48kHz Wav) by selecting the desired format. This can be specified for streaming over Wifi, streaming over Cellular data, and for Downloads.





Any changes take effect after the next track is played. Content already downloaded will play in the format in which it was already downloaded.

Offline mode
In Offline mode, only Liturgical Days which have been downloaded to your mobile device’s memory will be available for playback. Use this to prevent the application from using your cellular data.

Download to your device for offline playback
Patrons can download selected services or even entire days to their mobile devices. This enables playback later when wifi or cellular data may not be available. The feature is not supported from our web app.

To download a service, use the “Download” toggle next to the Liturgical Day in the calendar view to add it to your download queue. After they have finished downloading, the day’s chants will then be available for offline playback.

To delete a Liturgical Day to save memory on your device, click again on the toggle. It is possible to see all downloaded Liturgical Days by visiting “Downloaded Content” inside settings. From here, you can delete individual days or all at once.

Please bear in mind that a Liturgical Day requires an average of 300 MB of data and storage when in “Normal” mode, and an average of 3GB of data and storage when in HiFi mode.
Toggle on and off Night Mode: it darkens your screen.