The box set of our recordings would fill 7000 CDs! Therefore we are currently concentrating only on finishing the application, and no discs are currently planned. If there is sufficient interest we may print some special selections someday.
Currently, it is possible to enjoy our recordings only through the web app and the mobile apps to be released this fall.
Neumz is available as a web app on your computer via your web browser (app.neumz.com) and on mobile devices with iOS or Android as a native app, which you can download here:

iOS: coming Fall 2020
Android: coming Fall 2020
No, it is not. Neumz pays 2/3rds of received sales to the Sisters in Jouques to support their projects.
Yes, you can! Patrons can select to download entire Liturgical Days, to then use offline.
We are first concentrating on providing translations in English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian. Other languages will be added as soon as possible.
We hope that this could be achieved someday, but there are no immediate plans to do so.
We know that this would be a valuable resource for many, and we are planning ways of toggling to the Old Rite orders while utilizing the recordings which we have — an imperfect solution but which we hope is useful until there is the occasion to record the Old Rite directly.
Yes, we are very happy if you do. If you require licenses also for your students, please get in touch, we offer educational discounts.
Yes, they are! Please get in touch!
You can cancel easily with no fees by visiting your account page inside the app and clicking “Cancel my account”.