Because of the measures taken to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, we can no longer admit worshipers to our abbey’s church, and we are deeply sorry for it.

However, thanks to the providential generosity of a friendly community who sent us a monk, Mass continues to be celebrated every day at the abbey. Rest assured that we present to the Lord all your intentions, your worries, and your anxieties, praying especially for those who suffer from illness or loneliness, as well as for all those who devote themselves to the sick.

Do not hesitate to tell us your intentions, we will be keen to bear them in our prayer.

Why not take advantage of this period of confinement, painful in many ways, to intensify your spiritual life? The Holy Father encourages us and advises those who are prevented from participating in Mass to make a spiritual communion: spiritual communion at the Eucharist, is a highly recommended practice when it is not possible to receive the Sacrament. (Angelus of March 15)

The Pope’s prayer for spiritual communion:

At Thy feet, O my Jesus,
I prostrate myself and I offer Thee repentance of my contrite heart,
which is humbled in its nothingness and in Thy holy presence.
I adore Thee in the Sacrament of Thy love, the ineffable Eucharist.
I desire to receive Thee into the poor dwelling that my heart offers Thee.
While waiting for the happiness of sacramental communion,
I wish to possess Thee in spirit.
Come to me, O my Jesus, since I, for my part, am coming to Thee!
May Thy love embrace my whole being in life and in death.
I believe in Thee, I hope in Thee, I love Thee.